SC OSHA: The Only Constant is Change

The year 2021 has arrived, and employers and employees across the state are still being affected by COVID-19. We have found that change is the only constant, and SC OSHA must be ready to adapt and assist employers in today's ever-changing landscape.

As a result, SC OSHA has continued to work diligently to establish partnerships that will promote its mission of maintaining safe and healthy worksites throughout the state. We continue to provide training and educational information to smaller employers using various mediums, like webinars, and are broadening the use of these other mediums to reach larger employers and the public at large.

We continue to cherish longstanding relationships with other state agencies, associations and local industry leaders. Moreover, we have found that many employers across the state are willing to invest in the safety of not only their employees but of the communities in which they do business. We recently worked with three employers in a single community who banded together to develop a community COVID-19 plan. This plan included a joint safety webinar involving the three employers, their safety leaders and eventually their entire staff.

While the Governor's Task Force accelerateSC is no longer actively producing content, we are still working with SC DHEC and SC Department of Commerce to ensure that previous best practices and industry re-entry guidelines are up to date and relevant based on the changing data and circumstances. SC OSHA continues its partnership with SC DHEC to address issues in food service, which began in August of last year. Through this partnership, we have made contact with more than 100 restaurants and others in the food service industry to address public complaints and concerns.

SC OSHA continues to develop and update factsheets and other content for employers. This updated information can be found on the website, twitter and Facebook. SC OSHA also still has its dedicated email for complaints and concerns specifically related to COVID-19.

Since March 2020, SC OSHA has worked tirelessly to address the more than 1,900 calls and 1,100 complaints received related to COVID-19. To see more monthly data, click here.

I remain proud of the work that is being done by SC OSHA. Even during the recent holidays, our dedicated employees worked long hours to meet the needs of our employers and employees.

The mission of SC OSHA remains the same: to ensure that South Carolina worksites are safe and healthy. The work of SC OSHA, though evolving, has created an opportunity to positively affect the lives of more of the State's workforce. The results of SC OSHA's work during this time is evidence of not only a relationship with employers, but a renewed and, in some cases, new relationship with the public.

Please contact us if you ever need assistance, at (803) 896-7665. Have a safe and healthy new year.