SC OSHA's Office of Outreach and Education

If you're unsure about the value of using SC OSHA's Office of Outreach and Education, ask another South Carolina employer who's taken advantage of our free services. Or read what our satisfied customers have said.

"Our partnership with S.C. OVP won us instant credibility with the various regulatory agencies in the state, and helped lower our insurance rates. By helping us demonstrate the reality of our commitment, it has also enhanced our recruitment efforts and employee relations."

Scott Culbertson, Plant Manager PhotoScott Culbertson, Plant Manager
Stueken, LLC
Fountain Inn

"Being a safety director covers a lot of territory and I can't possibly be an expert in every area. OSHA standards are very detailed and S.C. OVP helps us interpret those standards and apply them effectively."

--Randy Morrison, Director of Quality and Safety
McCrory Construction Company, Inc.

"After an OVP visit, accidents decrease and productivity picks up. On one particular job, we were having an incident rate of about 25 to 30. We were concerned and called for an OVP visit. After the visit, our incident rate went down to 5. We've had only two recordable incidents on that project since the OVP visit."

Daniel Wessinger, Safety Manager
M.B. Kahn Construction

"By forming a proactive partnership with OSHA Voluntary Programs, we were able to understand compliance and make it practical for us. Our consultations with S.C. OVP enabled us to interpret and apply the standards in an efficient and practical manner."

Anne Peterson, Safety DirectoAnne Peterson, Safety Director
Stueken, LLC
Fountain Inn

"I've had contractors -- many of them from out-of-state -- tell me they learned more from an OVP consultation than from any formal training they've had. It makes me feel good when contractors come in and actually thank me for bringing in OVP."

Adrian Harris, Safety/Health/Environmental DirectorAdrian Harris, Safety/Health/Environmental Director
Nan Ya Plastics Corp.
Lake City

"The S.C. OVP people who came in did a world of good for our company. They taught me more about safety in 4 years than I learned in almost 30 years in business. It's been a real partnership of information."

Roy Katz, PresidentRoy Katz, President
PMC Corporation, parent company of Richloom Home Fashions
Ware Shoals