Question: Does closure of a wound using super glue constitute medical treatment, or is it first aid?

Answer: It is medical treatment. If the item is not specifically listed as first aid, it is medical treatment.

Question: In the case of someone having an epileptic seizure at work, is it recordable? What if the person hits his or her head, breaks a bone, etc., when the seizure occurs?

Answer: Epileptic seizures are not work-related unless the seizures occur as a result of a work injury. In most instances, they are not work-related. Also, you would not record any additional injuries that happen solely as a result of the seizure occurring in the work environment.

Question: Since you do not record injuries that occur while the individual is commuting, do you consider an injury to be work-related if it occurs in a parking lot the company owns or maintains?

Answer: The injury would be considered work-related if the employee has parked his or her car and started walking into the building. For example, if an employee slams his or her finger in his or her own car door, it would not be considered a work-related injury. If the employee trips after starting to walk across the parking lot, it would be. Injury to an employee who walks to work would not be recordable unless the incident happens on company property. An injury is recordable if the employee was walking somewhere as a work activity regardless of where it happened.