Informal Conferences

The employer, an affected employee, or representative of employees may request an informal conference in order to discuss any issues raised by an inspection, citation, notification of penalty, or notification of failure to abate a violation.  Any party may be represented by legal counsel.

Informal conferences will be held by the Informal Conference Hearing Officer at the SC OSHA office located in Columbia, South Carolina.  If an employer only wishes to discuss a reduction in penalty, the informal conference can be held via telephone. 

An Informal Settlement Agreement may be reached, which include the parameters of the settlement and signatures of both parties. This Agreement serves as a final order in lieu of contest, which the employer waives by entering into the Agreement.

To request an Informal Conference, please call (803) 896-7665. Requesting an informal conference does not stay, delay, or stop, the thirty (30) day deadline to file a request for contested case hearing.